20 Best Guest posting sites you should try for more organic Traffic

Guest Posting has been a popular SEO strategy among bloggers, SEO specialists, and digital marketers for years to build their portfolios and increase the traffic on their blogs and websites. It gives the bloggers and entrepreneurs to connect with other bloggers and influencers and write posts and articles for them in order to get backlinks for their websites. Additionally, it’s a great promotional strategy for the entire community.

Let’s get into more details about some best Guest posting sites!

What is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger Outreach can be understood as a promotional strategy followed by bloggers, influencers, and entrepreneurs to connect with their target audiences using different websites and blogs.

The process involves influencers and bloggers communicating and coming together to create promotional content, publish it on their websites and blogs, and provide backlinks to one another.

The result is the simultaneous promotion of both bloggers connected with each other. There are definitely different ways around this. Sometimes, influencers and bloggers promote other bloggers on their websites in exchange for posts and articles from them. Alternatively, some other websites simply allow publishing posts by getting backlinks for the purpose of driving more traffic to the website or blog.

All of this forms a part of guest posting services which is an efficient content marketing strategy to bring more traffic, leads, and conversions to a business website.

Now that you have an idea, let’s discuss some of the major benefits of guest posting in more detail.

Benefits of Guest Posting

Guest Posting is seen as a content marketing strategy to get backlinks on other websites and blogs. However, it has more benefits than you can see on the face of it. Here are some of the major benefits that you can derive from guest posting on different sites.

It helps create your portfolio as a Writer/Blogger

When you are trying to build a career as a blogger/writer, you need to create a portfolio for yourself. By guest posting to different websites, you can easily build this portfolio and share the same with prospective clients and customers. This way, you can get more projects, and you can even establish your niche as a blogger.

It helps build Relationships and become a part of the community

Blogging has a huge community, and you need to be a part of it to achieve success as a blogger. When you’re working on guest posting and blogger outreach, you constantly communicate with other bloggers and influencers. This helps you build and strengthen relationships with other writers, and you are able to become a part of the larger community.

It helps bring more website Traffic and Boost conversions

With guest blogging, you are able to get links to your websites on multiple websites that are very famous. This gives you a chance to reach your target audience from other websites. This helps redirect the target audience to your main website, and you are able to boost website traffic and conversion rates exponentially, with more people visiting your blog and site on a daily basis.

It Boosts SEO Rankings

When the search engine crawlers see your website link on other legitimate websites along with your website traffic and conversions increasing by the day, your search engine rankings immediately go up, thereby providing you further reach and brand visibility.

Now that you know the benefits of guest posting, you surely want to start posting on different sites to get the much-needed reach for growing your blog, website, and business. However, you need to find the right websites for guest posting. Now, the internet is full of them, but many sites charge a lot of money for the same. What if you don’t have the budget?

Well, in that case, you must find free guest posting websites that allow you to post your content and article along with links free of cost. Let us help you with two of the best websites for this purpose!

Top 20 Best Guest posting sites

It can be difficult to find guest posting sites to begin guest blogging. However, it’s not impossible either. Here are two of the best guest posting sites where you can submit your blogs and get them published without paying even a penny for them.


Medium is one of the most popular platforms for guest blogging. The platform covers all niches in general. However, it’s most popular for its blogs and articles on science and technology niches. So, if that’s your niche, then it’s a bonus.

Other than science and technology, Medium also accepts blogs and articles on topics related to cryptocurrency, health, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, politics, travel, poetry, and the list is quite long. So, whether it’s content writing or creative writing, there’s a place for you on Medium, and you can create a fantastic portfolio on this guest posting site while also driving traffic to your own website by depending on the huge community and reader base that Medium has.

Thrive Global

Thrive Global is another amazing guest blogging platform, extremely popular among industry leaders and experts. Earlier, the platform accepted posts from anyone and everyone. However, now, it has transitioned into an invite-only platform. As such, it features blogs and posts only from industry leaders, subject-matter experts, and influencers.

However, anyone can make an application to join the platform and even create an account to keep adding posts on the blog. The platform does put certain restrictions on their writers. However, once the post is approved by the Thrive Global team, it’s published on their website, and you can start building your portfolio on this amazing guest posting site.

Final Words

So, this was all about guest posting and the best guest posting sites that you can check out to start your blogging journey. We hope that this article was helpful and you are already on your way to creating your accounts on these guest posting sites, and indulge in this excellent strategy that helps build your portfolio and create your brand visibility and image by enhancing site rankings and traffic.

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